12/14/15 3:29 PM

Is Amaravathi a Scam?

amaravathi scam

amaravathi scam


Singaporean companies tricked Chandrababu. They came up with a swindle showing soft copies of amazing structures of buildings with computer graphics much brilliant than those in Baahubali to steal the land. They sketched plans to nab thousands of acres of worthy lands between Vijayawada and Guntur at nominal rates. Singaporean companies told government that they will invest Rs.300 crore and take on loan from banks, the remaining amount to build capital, after they are given 4,000 acres in the heart of Amaravathi. Also they put up conditions like farmers should not be allotted lands in core area of capital and more. The state government then asked them to come up with better proposals. This is the news that Eenadu published today. With this, it is understandable that Singaporean companies have sketched these plans openly steal our plans. The question here is…did Chandrababu appear like a knucklehead to them? Viewing the matter in a different perspective….

Consider a salesman in a shop. Suppose a customer walks in and bargains a 1000 rupee watch for 300 rupees. What does the salesman say if he is sensible? He would tell him that the watch will not be sold for that price. Or does he ask the man to negotiate for a better price? No, right? If he says so, the salesman is definitely faulty.

Are Singaporean companies playing a con game with Chandrababu Naidu? Or… Is Babu trying to defraud public in the name of Amaravathi? These are the questions posed at this point of time.

Chandrababu’s gestures related to state capital have been giving way to suspicion since very beginning.

As per state reorganization act, it is the duty of central government to build state capital. Why is the state government seeking help of Singaporean companies without approaching the center? Singapore teams have already visited and toured Amaravathi about four or five times. But not even a single team came to the state capital from center. Union minister mentioned in Lok Sabha that Rs.27,000 crores estimate has been made for construction of Amaravathi. Who is actually going to construct the state capital? The Central government or Singapore companies?

Why is Chandrababu particular about confidential conventions with Singapore teams? In Vijayawada, Babu’s meeting with them commenced after all his ministers vacated the place. Why is there so much secrecy in the matter?

Construction of capital is not such a big deal. An agreement similar to that made by an owner with a developer would suffice. ‘There is 30,000 acres of land between two cities. 7,000 acres of this land has to be given to peasants, 7,000 acres should be utilized to provide infrastructure, 7,000 acres has to be allotted for government offices. Whoever does this will be given lands worth their investment in return. Interested persons may approach’…As simple as it is. What is the need for confidentiality?

Government that is preparing grounds to start constructing state capital in June has been wasting nearly one year without clearly asking Singaporean companies how much they will invest on developing the city. Does this show efficiency of the state government? Is this what people elected Chandrababu for?

Have Singaporean companies played con game with Chandrababu? Or.. Is Babu tricking public to procure lands for his people at extremely cheap rates? Who is cheating whom? Is Amaravathi a scam? We have to wait some more days to see it!



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