04/30/15 7:34 AM

Is BJP Encouraging Congress?

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BJP shouted slogans like ‘Congress mukth Bharat’, ‘Congress Ko Hatao’, ‘Desh ko Bachao’ during its last election campaign and won. Congress’s failure in most of the states is temporary,   as it an spike again. But people belonging to one particular state were believed not to allow congress into the province during next 30-40 years and no congress flag seen in the area.  BJP which once upon a time wanted to finish Congress is now trying to save that party’s skin.

You might have got an idea by now that the state we are talking about is Andhra Pradesh. As Congress party illegitimately tore united Andhra apart, people of Andhra Pradesh won over them pushed Congress out of the state.  It was expected that it would take a minimum of 30 years for congress to stem again in AP. Such is the position of congress. But congress leaders are slowly starting to hold mikes and deliver speeches bravely again. Modi and Amit Shah’s behavior is notedly the strength behind it. In case special status is provided to AP, the state will see development and Chandrababu Naidu would receive the credit. Chandrababu’s strength will improve by the time next election is held. Amit Shah’s fear is that there will be no assurance that Chandrababu Naidu will support BJP during that period. That was the reason he did not do the required for AP. Having Chandrababu circling around Delhi, the BJP thought would make him stay under its control. That is why the BJP has been doing injustice to AP by not providing special status and by dragging Polavaram project issue. This tantrum followed by BJP is turning a boon to Congress party.

‘Congress party cheated Andhra Pradesh, BJP is deceiving AP after huge trust was laid on it’, say people. Congress, taking this as an opportunity is trying to interact with people. The party launched signature campaign for Polavaram project and announced of performing Satyagraha as a demand for special status for AP. Arrangements are being made for youth congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Andhra. He might apologize for the injustice done to AP. If that happens, base will be strengthened for congress in the state. Currently, people’s impatience is slowly shifting from congress on to BJP. If BJP continues to show empty hand to AP, congress will soon hold the upper hand in the state.

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