06/12/15 7:17 AM

Is KCR So Genuine? We know Everything About Him: Center

The BJP high command along with some prominent heads in central government has decided to support chandrababu in cash-for-vote issue. It informed the same to BJP leaders of AP visiting them in Delhi since past two days. The two important reasons behind they deciding to support Chandrababu Naidu, as they say, are:

1st reason…

Leaders in Central government say that KCR’s genuine and honest nature is known to them and they have with them a detailed list of his illicit doings. They said that KCR trapped ministers and leaders in other parties to lure them join his party. The center made clear that they have details about what KCR did to which leader and how he blackmailed them in order to have them in TRS. The leaders made clear that they are totally aware of where KCR has spied on his opposition and how he violated law in bugging, tapping phones of leaders and phones of which leaders he tapped. They said that it is not a tough task for the Central Telecommunication department and Central Intelligence Bureau to prove all these.


kcr cernter


2nd reason…

TDP has been behaving as a friendly and reliable companion of the BJP. They made clear that Chandrababu Naidu, so far had never troubled them politically or with regard to government. Also, the BJP high command mentioned that Chandrababu positively responded to everything that they asked him. Recently when they asked for an MLC seat (Somu Veerraju), Chandrababu agreed and allocated, they reminded.

Keeping the above two reasons in mind, BJP president Amit Shah, along with several other central heads has decided to offer full support to Chandrababu Naidu in cash-for-vote matter.


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