07/7/15 9:25 AM

Is KCR’s Haritha Haaram Genuine? Is it Possible?


Haritha Haaram is a great idea and KCR should definitely be appreciated for it. But the numbers announced in the initiative by KCR and Telangana government do not seem trusty. As an initial step, during the first year, Telangana government announced that 40 crore plants will be planted. KCR announced that in the next 3 year, as many as 230 crore plants will be planted. Let us have a look at the detailed report of these numbers and figures.




Telangana has a total area of 11,48,40,000m2… eleven crore forty eight lakh forty thousand square meters.

But the number of plants announced by KCR’s government is 230,00,00,000… two thirty crore plants.

In about 11,48,40,000m2 area, there are houses, roads, agricultural fields, lakes, temples etc. For our convenience in calculation, let us assume that none of these exist.

If 1 plant is planted per square meter, only 11,48,40,000 can be planted. If they are planted this close, trees will have no strength, resulting in no proper growth. Let us assume that they somehow grow up. When 11,48,40,000 is subtracted from 230,00,00,000, there are 218,00,00,000 plants remaining. There will be no place for these 218 crore plants. Remember that these 11,48,40,000 plants can be planted only when there are no houses, roads or anything on the surface of Telangana. When all these exist, even this 11 crore plants are not possible in Telangana.

As per the announcement made by government, if 230 crore plants is to be made possible, about 20 should be planted per meter. Small clarification..it is plants and not grass to plant 20 in 1 meter! When a government initiates a program, there should be perfect plan and schedule. This is what happens when government steps forward as per the plan designed by a halfwit. It is evident that the plan was designed by someone who supplies plants or some nursery people.

So, as mentioned above, not more than 11 crore plantations can be made if all the area in Telangana is empty. But it was announced that Telangana government will plant 40 crore trees. If 11 crore is subtracted from 40 crore, there is no place to plant remaining 30 crore plants. But the Telangana government is purchasing 30 crore plants from nurseries (based on rate per plant as rate varies from Rs.50 through Rs.100 based on quality). Likewise, it will purchase 200 crore plants in next 3 years, which means all this money is wasted. 40 crore plants during this year and 230 crore plants during next 3 years will be sent from nurseries. Is it possible to count these plants? How is accountability for such huge number of plants possible? We are not sure if there could be a scam in this as well! Only God and KCR must be knowing the truth! KCR’s followers could not accept any criticism towards him, be it good or bad. They immediately regard you as an anti-Telanganite. So, not revealing more facts though we are aware of them!!

Inputs: Dr. GV.Ramanjaneyulu, Agricultural Scientist



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