06/25/15 7:40 AM

Is KCR’s Relation with Modi Ruined?

Have relations ruined between Modi and KCR? Is it now a tough task for Kavitha to become central minister? Is BJP opining that association with TDP in Telangana is better than that with TRS? The answer that is now being given to all these questions is ‘yes’.




What was Swacch Hyderabad for?

When Modi initiated Swacch Bharath on 2nd October, 2014, KCR’s Telangana government was not concerned about it at that time. Exactly when it was seen that relations between TRS and BJP were strengthening, KCR intiated Swacch Hyderabad.  If KCR had done it for the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Elections, there is no necessity to change name from Swacch Bharath to Swacch Hyderabad. He could have approached people with a different name. It is evident that since he wanted good relations with Modi, KCR named the program Swacch Hyderabad.

Revanth Reddy’s Case Changed the Scene

The politics in Hyderabad have speeded up after Swacch Hyderabad program during second week of may. Politics itself has altered since the arrest of TDP MLA Revanth Reddy on 31st may. A change of scene was observed after Chandrababu’s audio tapes were released, following which the AP CM complained to center about it. The BJP government talking in favor of Chandrababu Naidu and trying to settle down both the CMs have taken place in no time. It was during this time that the International Yoga Day arrived. If KCR had good relations with Modi, he would also have conducted the Yoga day in a grand manner, following PM Narendra Modi. But neither KCR nor his government was bothered about the International Yoga Day. The issue of Section-8 strongly came into picture the immediate day following Yoga day ie., on monday. Attorney-Genaral’s letter might have been sent coincidentally on Tuesday but the central government is in no way supporting Telangana government over phone tapping issue.

Association through Greater Hyderabad

Speculations were heard that TRS could associate with BJP during elections of Greater Hyderabad. The formula ‘Mayor Seat for BJP, Central ministry for Kavitha’ had become the topic of discussions in recent past. But KCR had reportedly disagreed to allocating Mayor seat to BJP. The expansion of MIM around the country has on the other hand ruined that party’s relations with Congress party. Taking this as an advantage, KCR associated with MIM. Since Owaisi was against Yoga day, KCR’s Telangana government also paid no attention to it. Under this context, it can be said that the two parties will definitely contest unitedly during GHMC election.

All factors considered, there are valid proofs to say that relations between Modi and KCR have bittered. Putting BJP aside, KCR is now getting ready for GHMC election in association with MIM. In case TRS wins GHMC elections with full majority, KCR’s estimated next plan would be to leave MIM aside, offer deputy Mayor seat to BJP and acquire central ministry for Kavitha. Atleast till GHMC elections, we can say that KCR is not along with Modi.



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