07/25/15 7:23 AM

Is Most Wanted Criminal Nayeem in Hyderabad?


Here is a shocking and challenging issue for Hyderabad police. Most wanted, former naxalite Nayeem attended his niece’s wedding held on the outskirts of city in a function hall in Takkuguda with private army. His followers restricted entry of a few people into the function hall and they thoroughly checked those whom they allowed into the hall, say sources. But, police officials say that they have no information regarding it.




Nayeemuddin alias Bhuvanagiri Nayeem…Politicians and leaders of rights commissions will be shuddered on hearing the name. Former naxalites and Maoists panic on hearing it. Nayeem committed more than 40 murders, several threatening cases and numerous settlements. He became very popular with the gruesome murder of Beli lalitha that he committed when he was in forest. He is the accused in murder case of IAS  officer KA Vyas. Nayeem’s role in killing of human rights’ leaders Purushottam and Karunakar is very clear. He is alleged to have killed another leader named Azam Ali. Nayeem and his gang brutally killed realtor Radhakrishna, former maoist, TRS leader Samba Sivudu, RPT founder Patolla Govardhan Reddy and many others. Non-bailable warrants are pending in numerous courts on Nayeem.

The most wanted, atrocious, fugitive criminal Nayeem is ruling since many years. When such a callous criminal is roaming about in a high-security-city like Hyderabad, we can say that this is now a challenge to Hyderabad police.



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