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Is Ravana Really a Big Villain? : RGV

rgv ravana twitter
rgv ravana twitter
The Tweet entertainment provided Ram Gopal Varma is known to all. Recently, RGV came up with some interesting tweets over the violence by Ravanasura. The director questioned the atrocities of Ravana apart from abducting Sita. He feels that there are too many Ravanas in present day lives. He said that there are bigger villains coming up like Ravana in India each month. He also initiated a poll on Twitter asking his followers: “Considering that Ravana never did anything so villainous was he really that big a villain?”
“Apart from not commiting any atrocity on Sita, inspite of being in his custody for months,did Ravana commit any other atrocities? just asking. I know that Ravana was a villain but I never heard a single act of villainy of his like I heard of Hitler,Osama bin laden etc. No  Raakshas I read about ever did any Rakshas things ..in other words writers dint do character development but us dumbos blindly believed. If Raavana’s only crime is just kidnapping Sita I think we produce atleast 100 much more bigger villains every month in India.” RGV tweeted.

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