02/3/16 11:17 AM

Is Reservation to Kapu Community Possible?


Reservation to Kapu Community is the burning issue since many years and has reached peak level in this time. The united force of people belonging to Kapu community under the leadership of Mudragada Padmanabham has turned violent, which resulted in political indulgence to great extent.

Two points are to be discussed here:

1.Deciding whether the Kapu people are eligible for availing reservations or not.

2.The impact of Supreme Court’s decision that reservation quota should not exceed 50%.

Is Kapu community eligible for reservations?

The government has set up Manjunath commission to decide on this. The commission is supposed to come to conclusions after scrutinizing details provided by the government. It does not have time sufficient to collect data on its own and then work on it. The data provided by government will most probably suggest that Kapu people are eligible for reservations. After statistical analysis, if the state government declares Kapu community as BC to make reservations available to them, there are less chances of the High Court striking it off unilaterally.

Will the 50% Quota be an objection?

The Supreme Court has made clear while dealing with a case that reservations provided to various sections of people should not exceed 50% altogether. But reservations have surpassed 50% in many states. It is 69% in Andhra Pradesh ‘s neighboring state Tamil Nadu. In some north-eastern states, reservation quota is higher than 70%. The apex court dealt with all such cases but did not stay any of them. So, the state government could allot reservations even if it might cross the 50% mark. If the Supreme Court makes any involvement, the government can then think of an alternative.

Also there are objections being heard from people of BC. They say that if Kapu community is included in BC, the opportunities they have will decline. Since it is being said that Kapu community will be provided with additional reservations after adding them to BC, it can be seen that both are not at loss due to the process. Making changes to reservation quota in local organizations lies in the hands of state government. So, it is possible to make reservations available to Kapu Community without affecting the existing reservations for BC.

So, there are not many objections to include Kapu community in BC.



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