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Is Comedian Saptagiri Spoiling His Career?

saptagiri career

saptagiri career


Saptagiri: A man who reached Hyderabad after boarding Venkatadri Express in Chittoor for roles in cinema. He got a break in career with the Venkatadri Express while he was doing small roles in films. Saptagiri established himself as a good comedian with Maruthi’s horror-comedy Prema Katha Chitram in 2013. Now, the situation is as such that most of the telugu films features Saptagiri in some role or the other. Directors are now considering Saptagiri for roles which were once used to be played by Brahmanandam. Meanwhile, cine critics are expressing doubt on Saptagiri’s career in long run since the roles played by the comedian in different films are very similar. Apart from this, directors are not properly framing characters for Saptagiri due to daily remuneration procedure. They are hurriedly trying to finish shooting of his role in films in a day or two. For example, let us consider the latest film Bruce Lee The Fighter. Saptagiri who appears beside Ram Charan as his friend during entire first half appears nowhere in second half of the film. Cost-cutting is the reason since he has to be paid daily remuneration. Coming to Brahmanandam, he appeared right from beginning of a film to the end in past. The same thing continued in hundreds of films, after which he turned a star comedian who charges daily and hourly remuneration, once he attained proper demand. (We know that demand for Brahmi has also gone down in recent past). But Saptagiri has started the practice now itself. This could lead to a fade out in his career during next two years for sure. If Saptagiri wants to retain in film industry for longer time, he should accept full length roles, trying new ones. That is when Saptagiri can be another Brahmi of Tollywood.



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