10/14/15 6:11 PM

Is Tollywood shifting to Visakhapatnam?




The recent developments hint that the ‘move’ is inevitable. Chief Minister of AP never said about this before, leaving all speculations made rounds in film circles. But, Chandrababu’s statement at Visakhapatnam asserted that the multi-million industry was heading towards the city of destiny. These are the four reasons for film industry’s move from Hyderabad.

  1. Internal disputes in the film chamber, regional factors said to be the main reason for this move. Producers and technicians from Telangana have been demanding a separate film chamber and a fair share. At present, Andhara people are ruling the chamber, which is opposed by Telangana members.
  2. Dominance by ‘some’ in the Film Chamber may not go longer, as the opposition is gaining strength. Producers and technicians from Andhra cannot rule like before in Hyderabad, which is Telangana capital.
  3. Those who have studios (In costly area Jubilee Hills) may not show interest to move out of the city. In case they want to set up studios at Visakha, they need to purchase land as Ramanaidu did. This is also not a problem as the government of AP is ready to offer the lands at throwaway prices.
  4. Film industry does not need large number of studios or permanent setup. They tour all over the world for good locations. They can operate from any centre, if government offers some sops like tax exemption etc.

Check out the statements given by Chandrababu. It is a clear indication to film makers to come and settle down in Visakha. In addition, all know the great acquaintance that the CM has with the industry. If he is serious, then this is high time!


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