09/9/15 9:26 AM

ISIS Commander Killed by a Woman

woman kills isis commander

An Iraqi woman who was made a sex slave by an ISIS commander killed him after three months out of fury. A woman belonging to Iraq fired at ISIS commander named Abu Anaas and killed him, as said by International Business Times. Locals mentioned that the woman was held hostage and sexually harassed by ISIS militants. Human Rights Watch said that Yazadi women are being held captive by ISIS and are being transformed into sex slaves, brutally torturing them.


woman kills isis commander


The Watch mentioned that Yazadis belonging to Kurdish community are more in number in Iraq. IBT says that in june last year, women belonging to Iraq and other countries were brought to Mosul based on orders of ISIS leader Abu Bakr. News came into light that Abu Anaas was killed by the woman two days ago. It is known that various media published news that ISIS killed 15 women for not agreeing to take part  in sexual activities with its fighters.



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