01/25/16 10:59 AM

ISIS Releases Video of Paris Attackers


ISIS terrorists took the lives of 130 people during Paris attacks. The deadly Jihadi group has released a video showing 9 Paris attackers of which 4 are Belgian, 3 are French and 2 are Iraqi. “The following are the final messages of the nine lions of the khilafah who were mobilized from their dens to bring an entire country — France — to her knees,” the video reads. The video shows the assailants beheading people before they committed the bombing and firing. Police operations in Paris can also been seen in the tape. ISIS media Al Hayat has released the 17-minute video.

Terrorists strictly warned countries in coaliation with America. ISIS in Syria and Iraq mentioned that these countries are their next target. The video shows Britain PM David Cameron’s photograph. ISIS indirectly signaled that the UK could be its next target.



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