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It’s True: Killing of Robbers Minimized Robberies

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Do encounters result in a comedown in number of crimes committed? Or will killing of criminals minimize them? Humans Rights commissions will never agree to such statements. Also there are many others who speak out philosophy that bringing about a ‘change’ in individuals will help reduce crimes. But reality is very far from such things.

Hyderabad was full of chain snatchers till 4 or 5 months ago. Women were scared to go outside their houses wearing gold ornaments. Chain snatching being a way to earn money in no time, besides thieves, it even attracted engineering students as they could make easy money out of it. 1200 cases were filed in a year in Hyderabad and Cyberabad put together. But of late number of chain snatching cases has seen a downfall. The number of cases filed has gone down to one-fourth of those filed earlier (which was around 4-5 cases per day). How is it made possible?

About 300 cases were filed on a chain snatcher named Shiva. He freely roamed in cities snatching chains from women and escaping from police of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Shiva died in gunfire by police in august last year. Cyberabad Police have reported that while he was being scrutinized, Shiva tried to attack them with a knife and they counter attacked him after which he died. Whatsoever,a robber died in the hands of cops. The incident terrified all other chain snatchers. They might have thought that they also loose lives if they continue the job, chain snatching cases have come down. Some other reasons for the downfall apart from killing of thieves by police are tightened security by police, cops patrolling in new vehicles provided to them by the Telangana government.

As robberies have reduced after killing robbers, can we say that policemen have done the right job? Definitely not. But there is no other go. The reason is… people are generally afraid of the punishment that they would get once they commit a crime, so they do not dare to. But… in our country, any case that reaches courts takes many years to conclude and there being no guarantee that guilty will be punished. So many in the country do not abide to law and the crime count is gradually rising.

If only the courts in India deliver judgement at the earliest and impose proper punishment on guilty, there would be no necessity of police encounters. For example, consider the Seshachalam encounter that took place recently. 10 thousand smuggling coolies were arrested by police and sent to prisons. All the jails were crowded with them. Their respective smugglers getting bails for them, sending the coolies again to accomplish the same job… the same cycle has been repeating. If only court had strictly punished atleast 10 out of the 10 thousand coolies, we might not have witnessed Seshachalam encounter (Courts that take years together to investigate and pronounce verdict in a case have now ordered that within 60 days inquiry on encounter should be finished). So, the primary reason for increasing crime count in India is the terrible delay in Indian judiciary.

Who is responsible for 3 crore cases to be pending in our courts?

(Discussion on the topic in a separate article)

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