02/20/16 4:50 PM

Jabardasth Rashmi Second Innings

The issue with the film business is that you stand at the danger of getting severe losses which are unexpected. This more often happens when you do a specific part twice or more. There have been several instances where we see film makers or actors testing their luck for the first time and tasting failure. But even after that, they are very much strong to bounce back and make an impressive mark in their second innings. It arrives that a few people resist the example and make something for their own. One exemplary case for that is the stunningly enchanting Rashmi Gautham. She began her profession as Jabardasth TV host and now she has graduated to turning into a film lead actress. Obviously, despite everything she keeps on facilitating in TV. As per the latest buzz now, we hear that Rashmi has started getting a sudden surge of offers from Kollywood and the explanation behind that is the discussion about her new motion picture Guntur Talkies in which she is stunning and hot.



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