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Jadoogadu Movie Review & Rating

Jadoogadu movie casts Naga Shaurya, Sonarika in lead roles and directed by Yogesh. With no high expectations and no competition from any big movies, did Jadoogadu make the magic or not?


Jadugadu review



A young man named Krishna who is fed up of earning Rs. 5 or 6 thousand for livelihood, travels from Palamuru to Hyderabad to earn Rs. 1 crore and settle down in life. In Hyderabad, he goes to a friend’s (Srinivas Reddy) room, whose owner Anaconda (Pruthvi) is a financier. Krishna on seeing an advertisement that reads ‘Earn Rs. 1 crore with an investment of just Rs. 2 lakh’ borrows money from Anaconda and gets to win the money. The advertisement will be given by STD bank that sells the opportunity of collecting payments from bad customers that have not paid their debts of Rs. 1 crore in total to the bank for just Rs. 2 lakh. Krishna gets ready to go for it and collect the debts from those customers. He will be beaten up by the first client but somehow manages to escape from him. He then collects payment from the second client after threatening him with a knife. This person is the follower of a famous don Srisailam (Zakir Hussain) in the city. Srisailam who is impressed with Krishna’s guts offers him a job. Krishna then starts collecting payments by threatening customers in the name of don Srisailam. The hero, at one point of time, falls in love with a Kerala girl after seeing her in a pub. The girl is a nurse from Kerala whose dream is to settle in Dubai. While the love track is on, Srisailam’s boss Jagadeeswara Naidu and Central Finance Minister (Kota Srinivasa rao) fix a deal of earning Rs. 2,000 crores upon investing Rs. 200 crores. They fix the deal with Krishna as a binami. An encounter specialist, C.I in Hyderabad (Ravi Kale) does settlements in the city. When he is in need of a Bakara, Srisailam hands Krishna over to him. Krishna finds himself in trouble after involving as a binami in illegal dealing and being a bakara in the hands of police officer. How Krishna saves himself from the troubles makes the remaining part of the story.

Plus & Minus:

Naga Shaurya who impressed class audiences with his movies till now has attempted Jadoogadu to come closer to the mass audiences. Naga Shaurya fit in Krishna character with ease. Heroine Sonarika did not hesitate to show off her assets. However, she would be perfect as an item girl than a heroine. The director did not shoot even one good romantic scene though he found such a beauty who is ready to expose. Ravi Kale performed well as a corrupt C.I. Main villain Srisailam’s character is not much impressive. Ashish Vidyarthi has no scope for performance as a Commissioner. M.R. Varma’s editing work is good. Producer V.V. Prasad made the movie economically with very calculated budget. Tunes composed by Sagar Mahathi are not catchy. Songs are bad. Background score during second half is impressive. Cinematography by Sai Sri Ram is of OK types.

Jadoogadu has the story that a hit movie could have and there is good pace in the screenplay as well. Director also speeded up the movie during last half an hour. But he failed in sculpting the first half of the movie in a way that it adds essence to the second half. First half of the movie lacked excitement. The director was unsuccessful in connecting Krishna’s character with the audiences. It is only when the audiences get connected to the hero’s character that emotions find place, audience strongly feel that the hero should win, they feel bad when the hero is in trouble and they clap when the hero punches villain. This is the main factor missing in Jadoogadu film. The scenes wherein audience feel the hero belongs to them are totally missing. The love relationship between hero and heroine does not seem real to us. Coming to the comedy element, there are scenes in which Saptagiri entertained audiences but there are no scenes that could give belly-bursting laughter to us. So, though the main plot of the story is strong enough, the side elements are not so supportive to it. The movie is not boring. However, it does not get the ‘good movie’ compliments from audiences. Finally, Jadoogadu is a movie that can be watched once when you have time but one need not have to find time to watch this movie.


Rating: 2.5/5.0



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