03/21/16 5:22 PM

Jagan was Cursed by a Swamiji?


This is about an incident that took place long ago. YSR was the CM during that time. Jagan who resided in Bengaluru often paid visits to Hyderabad. YS and Vijayamma loved Jagan a lot as he was their only son. Jagan was trying to acquire anything that he liked. Jagan ‘s greed and stubborn nature irritated YSR. He suffered a lot while trying to fulfil son ‘s wishes. If he failed to, Jagan ‘s mother Vijayamma brought pressure on YSR. Unable to tolerate the stress, YSR had approached a swamiji.

YS called a swamiji to his camp office and asked him to solve the problem after showing him Jagan ‘s horoscope. The swamiji examined it for long time, gave him a chain that he wore and asked him to wear it daily. After a while, YS left for CM office but the swamiji stayed there reciting something to Jagan. But Jagan like another chain that the swamiji wore than the one he gave him. Jagan asked the swami to give it to him. But the swamiji was reluctant and told him that he cannot give it to anyone as his guruji gave it to him. But Jagan was very firm and asked for the chain. After an argument, Jagan asked him for the last time whether he will give the chain to him or not. When the swamiji sad that he will not give it, Jagan attacked him by setting free his three pet dogs. Frightened swamiji ran from them and finally threw that chain towards Jagan, cursing him that he will be destroyed. He then left the camp office. People close to Jagan  say that the curse is still haunting him.

(This is an incident narrated by a distant relative to YSR. We are leaving to the viewers to decide whether it is true or the person created it due to grudge on Jagan).



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