06/2/15 10:14 AM

Jagan’s Deeksha: For AP or For Telangana?

YCP leader YS Jagan is getting ready to undertake a 2 day Samara Deeksha. The protest is against the failure of TDP government in fulfilling promises made during the elections in its one year term, say YCP leaders. It is true that TDP experienced bitterness in loan waiver for farmers and DWCRA women. Since the state is running short of funds, we did not make such fake promises like waiver of loans and that is why we are in opposition now, said some YCP leaders. All this is fine. What happens now if state government is pressurized to fulfill those promises?




If people are really angry with Chandrababu, the deeksha will be a success. Who will be affected if the state government reacts to the deeksha and decides to waive loans? Neither CM Chandrababu will sell his properties not Narayana will sell his colleges to waive them. Let us assume that they sold off government properties and thus mortgaged future of people for money to waive the loans. Is it advantageous to the state? The promises made by Chandrababu during election were disadvantageous for the state and those made by Modi do good for the state. If Modi fulfills promises made by him, AP would be benefitted. Chandrababu’s promiss when implemented will harm the state. So, is it a wise decision to fight for the fulfillment of vows made during elections, which are harmful to the state?

It might be politically right to fight against Chandrababu through the deeksha. Will the state not be badly influenced if politics are initiated four years prior to election? Are cases on Jagan obstructing him from fighting against central government that is betraying people of AP? Jagan who is demanding that TDP leaves central government is not disclosing the reason behind it. If TDP leaves NDA, TRS will occupy the place. Is it good for Andhra or for Telangana? What does undertaking deeksha for unnecessary and harmful things rather than doing it for useful things for the state imply? So, which state is Jagan undertaking his samara deeksha for? AP or Telangana?

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