10/16/15 1:36 PM

Jagan’s Letter to Chandrababu:”Don’t Invite Me to Amaravathi”




YCP leader YS Jagan has written an open letter to Chandrababu Naidu asking the CM not to send invitation to him for Amaravathi foundation laying ceremony. In case he is invited also, Jagan said that he would not be attending the ceremony and told not to blame him later saying that he did not make presence inspite of sending an invite. Jagan specified 8 points as reasons for him not attending AP capital foundation laying ceremony. He said that he is not against construction of state capital but the government has snatched land away from innocent farmers, he alleged. Jagan questioned why Section 30 and 144 are still under effect in capital city area. He said that government is not bothering about orders of Green Tribunal and is not concerned about feelings of public. Jagan alleged that government is handing lands over to Singaporean companies for commissions and bribe. ‘Rs.400 crore is being wasted for one-day celebration. Since foundation is being laid for real estate operations and illegally earning lakhs of crores of rupees, I will not be attending the foundation laying ceremony of AP state capital city Amaravathi as a protest’, mentioned Jagan in his strong letter to Chandrababu Naidu.


jagan letter to chandrababy


jagan letter to chandrabab




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