12/23/15 11:28 AM

Jatha Kalise Secret Revealed


Jatha Kalise is the title of the upcoming Telugu comedy film releasing this 25th. The film stars Ashwin Babu and Tejaswi Madiwada in lead roles and is gearing up for release amidst positive buzz. Makers of Jatha Kalise are busy with the promotions now. Senior producer Sai Korrapati is also involved in the production of the film and is playing a pivotal role in bringing the film to theatres. Sai Korrapati is also behind the film Raju Gari Gadhi. He in association with Anil Sunkara helped Ohmkar for a smoother release to Raju Gari Gadi and the end result is highly satisfactory to the film makers and the artists in the film. An interesting update about the film Jatha Kalise is out. The secret behind Jatha Kalise movie has been revealed. Fact is that Jatha Kalise movie is originally directed by Ohmkar but another name has been mentioned as the director of the film. The film is said to have been directed by Rakesh Shahi, a newcomer and who earlier worked with Ohmkar for the film Genius as associate director. It is revealed that Ohmkar has directed many important and key scenes in the film including the comedy part and spoofs that are believed to be the highlights  in Jatha Kalise movie.

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