03/17/16 12:04 PM

Jawed Akhtar Slams Asaduddin Owaisi


The objectionable comments made by Asaduddin recently have been attracting severe backlash all over the country. Various political parties and leaders have been firing on the MIM leader but the counter given on the comments by popular Bollywood lyric writer Jawed Akhtar has been trending all over India. Social media is showering praise for Jawed saying that he has given the right answer to Owaisi. Jawed Akhtar has given his farewell speech in Rajya Sabha as his term has come to an end. In the speech, he said, “Political parties should strive for the benefit of the nation. We have to focus on various issues prevailing in the society. I feel we should pay deaf ear to those politicians who are uttering words without being concerned about problems in society. Two day ago, a leader has spoken a few words. This person is too proud that he has become a national leader. The fact is that he is a galli leader from a small area in Hyderabad that belongs to a state. He delivered a ‘great statement’ that he will not utter ‘Bharath maatha ki jai’ since it was not written in the constitution. Neither wearing a Sherwani nor wearing a topi (cap) (Owaisi sports them both daily) was mentioned in the constitution. Saying Bharath maatha ki jai is not a responsibility, it is my right. So, I will repeat it as many times as I want. I seriously condemn the comments made by that leader”.

While the counter given by Jawed Akhtar has become popular, various celebrities have also been in support of his words. Bangladesh writer Taslima Nasrin quoted the following on Twitter in support of Jawed Akhtar ‘s speech. It is known that central minister Venkaiah Naidu recently fired on Asad when he was about to say something. ‘You feel ashamed to say Bharath Maatha ki jai, you don’t respect motherland. Better sit down’, said Venkaiah to him.

Javed Akhtar@Javedakhtarjadu ‘s farewell speech at Rajya Sabha was very moving. People like Owaisi should be exposed. Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

— taslima nasreen (@taslimanasreen) March 16, 2016




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