05/30/15 8:04 AM

Jayalalithaa v/s Khushboo


Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa is contesting for RK Nagar constituency in the by-election that would be held on 27th june. It is known that RK Nagar MLA Vetrival has resigned to facilitate Jayalalithaa’s re-election to the assembly after she got aquitted in the Disproportionate Assets case. So, it is being heard that the AIADMK leader will be contesting from the same place. DMK and PMK parties announced there are no candidates from their parties to race with Jayalalithaa in the by-election. BJP is discussing with DMDK the RK Nagar matter. Decision has not yet been made as to whether they will contest or not.




Congress party has been making grounds ready to contest.In order to win over Jayalalithaa, a person who matches the CM has to take part in the race. There is no other congress party leader in Tamil Nadu with popularity like Khushboo. So, the congress party is making plans to launch Khusboo in the election against Jayalalithaa. Apart from that, Khushboo has also been quite active and mindful in Congress party matters in recent past. With the filmy background and craze in fans that Khushboo has, congress is trying to mould her into a weapon to compete with Jayalalithaa. The congress high command may soon decide and announce the name of candidate contesting from their party.


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