08/10/15 6:54 AM

Jharkhand Durga Temple Stampede Kills 12; 50 Injured


A stampede occurred at a Durga temple in Jharkhand’s Deogarh district early this morning at around 5:45 am in which 12 people died. Atleast 50 other devotees were injured and were admitted to hospital for treatment. Devotees queued up between 4 am and 5 am at Durga temple at Belabagan More on Deogarh-Jassidih, about 350 kilometres from Ranchi. As soon as temple doors were opened, they rushed into the temple and that was when stampede occurred. There could be an increase in number of casualties. Rescue operations have been ordered.




Similar type of situations took place in past in UP, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and recently in Andhra Pradesh also. In the stamped that occurred on first day of Godvari Pushkaralu, around 27 devotees died. In a stampede that occurred in Baidyanath Temple, 5 women died. Such incidents occur when officials and police fail to properly estimate the count of devotees who visit temples on festivals and special occasions. This is the reason stampede occurred in Belabagan, killing 12 people. Better security measures and proper analysis should be done to prevent such incidents from occurring again.



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