10/13/15 10:34 AM

Jr.NTR Emotional Speech at Sher Audio Launch




Young tiger is different when it comes to Tollywood heroes who clearly convey message from their heart. Tarak does a straight talk when he intends saying something. The star hero has once again proved his straight forward nature. He revealed the affection he shares with his brother Kalyan Ram one more time. Jr. NTR made sensational comments at Kalyan Ram’s Sher audio launch.

NTR reminded about the rumors that were spread as he came to India amid shooting for Nannaku Prematho in London. Speculation was that since Kick-2 was a failure, NTR borrowed Rs.6 crore from Dil Raju and another Rs.6 crore he adjusted remuneration based on call sheets. The news was published by a popular newspaper. Tarak said that he would not blame the newspaper that published the news or readers who believed the news. He said, “Kalyan Ram never seeks money, even during last second of his life. He only has a donating hand”. With this, fans are joyed that NTR once again showed the love his has for his brother.



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