04/17/15 3:43 AM

Has Jr NTR ‘Exited’ TDP?

Is Junior NTR’s involvement in Telugu Desam Party confined to history? Did the mistakes committed by him put an end to his political career? Did his father Hari Krishna’s aggressiveness turn into a curse for NTR? Answer seems to be ‘YES’ to all the above questions.

Jr NTR stepped into the party for the first time during Assembly election campaigning in 2009.  Resembling the legendary Sr. NTR, wearing Khaki pant and Khaki shirt, Jr NTR appeared in the election campaign. Chandrababu Naidu during that point of time tried to implement every possible practice to stand strong to the opposition of Rajashekhar Reddy who impressed most citizens with attractive schemes. As Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan made use of fan-following for election campaigning of ‘Praja Rajyam Party’ (PRP), TDP also needed some glamor added to the party. That was when Chandrababu Naidu paved way for Jr. NTR to enter TDP. The actor who matched his grandfather got injured during the election campaign after which he had to stop the activity. Although they tried hard, it could not stand the Aarogra sri, Fee re-imbursement schemes put forward by Rajashekhar Reddy. YSR was elected the Chief Minister. Apart from that…

It is said that Jr NTR after noticing public’s response to his campaign and the rapport that he has built up with them, the idea of he himself being the state’s C.M rooted in his mind. Hari Krishna and Jr. NTR are believed to have stayed away from TDP on noticing the bad state of the party in 2014. Jagan’s lucky charm during that period also made one reason behind it.

The actual plan was: Once Jagan has been elected as the C.M, TDP loses hope. That was when Jr NTR should come into the picture, be an active participant in uprising the party and be nominated as C.M candidate. That was the reason Jr. NTR did not take part in election campaign in 2014.

But Jr NTR lost hope when Pawan Kalyan announced his new party ‘Janasena’. ‘Modi’ factor and ‘Pawan’s glamor’ have both contributed to TDP’s success and Jagan’s downfall in 2014. Hari Krishna and son Jr NTR have totally backed the wrong horse. Bala Krishna being politically very active, associating with people and Nara Lokesh gaining strong hold offer party affairs, TDP lacked the necessity of the father and the son in the party. As political influence is essential for growth in film industry, Jr. NTR is supposedly trying to break the ice with Lokesh.

While Jr NTR made efforts, Lokesh insisted him on appealing to Bala Krishna. It is highly impossible that Bala Krishna who played a vital role in getting Pawan to associate with the Telugu Desam Party allows Jr. NTR back again. If he agrees by chance, it will be a bane to his son Mokshagna who is going to breeze in to the Tollywood and also to nephew Lokesh who just started to shine in political affairs. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. However, taking into account all major factors, we can say that ‘You Reap What You Sow’ comes true for NTR. All doors to TDP seem closed to Jr. NTR

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