06/1/15 12:06 PM

Judge Orders Woman to Walk 30 Miles as Punishment

A woman in America was ordered by a Judge to walk a distance of 30 miles for the mistake she has committed. The young lady, after travelling by a cab, cheated the driver and ran away without paying the bill. An unusual punishment was imposed on her by Court. Going into detail…




An American woman named Victoria Bascom called a taxi to take her 30 miles from Ohio Lake County to Painesville. She disappeared without paying bill after reaching the destination. The victim cab driver approached court after knowing the details of Bascom. The court that convicted Victoria imposed a strange punishment on her. Apart from paying $100 to the cab driver, she was asked to walk a distance of 38 miles (48 km). Judge Michael Cicconetti is well known for the unusual punishments that he imposes on accused. He followed the same in Victoria’s case as well. He usually gives them options to choose from and imposes the one that the accused select. In Victoria’s case Michael asked her whether she wants to spend 60 days in jail or walk a distance of 30 miles. Victoria chose the second option and the same has been implemented.


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