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Just for Fun: Questions of 2015




Apart from giving a tight slap to Narendra Modi in Bihar, 2015 also left behind the following questions.

1.Why did Kattappa Kill Baahubali?

2.How many husbands does Indrani Mukherjea have?

3.Who drove Salman’s car when accident took place?

Netigens have browsed to find answers to the above questions.

Just for fun…

When accident took place, Indrani Mukherjea’s husband from fourth marriage was driving Salman Khan’s car. Baahubali saw Indran’s husbsand committing the accident. With the fear that Baahubali will be an eye-witness at court, Indran’s husband hired Kattappa to kill Baahubali. This is the short comic story that is going viral over Whatsapp and Facebook at present. But one question remained unanswered. We supposed Indran’s fourth husband drove Salman Khan’s car. What is the guarantee that Indrani has only four husbands? Where are the proofs that add to it? So, this story also provided answers to two questions only.

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