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Jyothi Lakshmi Review-Puri’s Passionate Work

Jyothi Lakshmi.. The film of Puri-Charmee gained craze soon after its announcement. A prostitute’s story, which has scope for Charmee to display her beauty onscreen and for Puri Jagannadh to appealingly picturizes his heroines. It was assumed that Jyothi Lakshmi will be a ‘Dirty Picture’ in tollywood. Did the movie meet the expectations?



Satya (Satyadev) is a software engineer who asks one of his friends for a girl (prostitute). That friend rings a broker named Bhadram. This man teaches him how women can be booked through an app named Lapaki but Satya does not agree to it. He says that he will select the woman only after seeing her directly. The broker then takes Satya around to some small brothel houses in  the city but none of the prostitutes look impressive to Satya. So he raises the budget and that is when the broker shows Jyothi Lakshmi (Charmee) to him. Satya goes to Jyothi Lakshmi but only talks to her and goes away. Starting that day, he meets her daily but does nothing ‘that’ way. Satya and his friend  stay together in a rented room and his owner’s daughter tries to flatter Satya, but he does not care at all. One fine day Satya proposes Jyothi Lakshmi for marriage but she takes it lite. After several attempts by Satya, Jyothi Lakshmi finally trusts him and elopes with him. They get married to each other. During the first night, Jyothi Lakshmi asks Satya to use a condom, failing which she says she is not ready to take part in sex with him. When asked for the reason, she asks who will hold the responsibility if she gets pregnant, if Satya abandons her in case he gets bored of her. Argument starts between the two and Jyothi Lakshmi rips her Mangalsutra and throws it away. Among audiences’ comments saying ‘what else could happen when one marries a prostitute’, the interval arrives. Why did Satya choose to marry Jyothi Lakshmi after so much of search? Did Jyothi Lakshmi change? How did their married life go?… forms the remaining part of the story.


Plus Points:

Heroine Charmee and director Puri Jagannadh have competed in showcasing their talents in Jyothi Lakshmi. Charmee’s action as a prostitute was extraordinary. Puri has rightly extracted the acting skills in Charmee. The actress not only exhibited her glamor and beauty but also proved herself as a great actress. It seems like Brahmanandam has agreed to play role in this film due to the less number of offers he presently has in films. Budget of the film increased due to his role but failed to entertain audience. Ajay Ghosh as villain and Priyadarshini as police officer have done well in their roles. Producer Chillar Kalyan had indicatively spent very little for Jyothi Lakshmi.

Puri Jagannadh’s work is to be discussed. Puri requires utmost level of appreciation for Jyothi Lakshmi. During these days, filmmakers, saying that they are passing a message through their films, are showcasing vulgarity (Puri has done the same in his films in past). But Puri Jagannadh, not adding too much of spice to a story which totally has scope for it, spicing up the movie only to an extent that is required, and bringing the movie forward for audience will definitely earn him many awards as a good director. The movie comes with a message. But there are no intense dialogues, lectures, filmy troubles or bucketsful of glycerine tears. It is a new story which does not bore the audience at any given time. Puri Jagannadh has manipulated the story so that it entertains the youth and hats off to the director for everything.


Minus Points:

Songs are not good. There is not as much spice as expected by the audience.



Those who hope for good movies should definitely watch Jyothi Lakshmi. The movie is not flexible to watch along with kids but can definitely be watched by couples. Jyothi Lakshmi deserves a national award.


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Rating: 3.5/5.0



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