05/5/15 1:56 PM

Kamal Haasan doesn’t like Daughter Shruti Walking Beside him


kamal-hassan-shruti-hassan-Kamal Haasan does not like his own daughter Shruti Haasasn walking beside him. Whenever they attend a function together, Kamal asks Shruti to walk at a distance from him, but not beside him. Shruti herself revealed the matter. Due to the high heels that she wears, father Kamal Haasan feels very uncomfortable, so he gently told her many times to keep distance from him, she said. Kamal Haasan is 1.65 metres tall and Shruti 1.73 metres. Shruti Haasan revealed this matter when she took part in an event in Mumbai as a part of promotional activities of ‘Gabbar is Back’.

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