04/20/15 8:49 AM

Kamal Haasan says “Brahmins Consumed Cow Meat in Ancient Times”

Outstanding actor Kamal Hassan made disputatious comments against ban on cow slaughter and eating of cow meat by the Maharashtrian government. In an exclusive interview that Kamal Hassan has given to a channel, taking into account the ban on cow meat, he said that not just the cows but no other animal should be slaughtered for its meat. “As Fish is a holy avtar of Lord Vishnu, even eating fish has to be avoided. Both cow and fish are sacred. Brahmins in various parts of the country started eating fish”, said the veteran actor. ‘According to scriptures, Brahmins used to be beef eaters. I don’t eat beef anymore due to some health issues, it’s a personal choice. Being vegetarian should be a choice’, said Kamal Hassan. His comments that Brahmins consumed meat in ancient days may provoke controversy in future.

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