10/1/15 10:49 AM

Kangana Says She has Affairs with Many


Bollywood beauty Kangana Ranaut who is enjoying success she is attaining by playing lady-oriented roles is speaking out openly on her relationships. Kangana who turned a hot topic after supporting dating has made news aonce again with her hot comments. The Bollywood Queen recently interacted with movie buffs during a private party, where she did not hesitate to answer a strange question asked by one of them.




When a fan asked her ‘You have acted in several films. Are you involved in relationships?’, Kangana straightly reacted to it and said that she has affairs with many persons. She said that she has relations with every hero opposite whom she acts, both on screen and off screen. Also Kangana explained how she struggled to grow as a heroine. Many fear to openly accept such things about themselves. But Kangana seems to be brave enough to make such confession.



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