02/16/16 3:01 PM

Kareena & Arjun Kapoor get Very Romantic


There is not much variation seen between men and women in Indian society now-a-days. Women working and men staying home has turned common in some places. This is the concept based on which the film Ki and Ka has been made. The film stars Kareepa Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor in lead roles directed and produced by RK Balki. Trailer of Ki and Ka has recently been released. Arjun Kapoor is seen as a man who wishes to be a home maker like his mother and Kareena appears as an ambitious woman who desires to be the CEO of a company. Balki showed intensely the romantic scenes of Kareena and Arjun. Cheeni Kam, Pa, Shamitabh movies directed by Balki does not contain such romance. But in Ki and Ka, there seem to be numerous lip lock and intimate scenes. Kareena romances Arjun Kapoor who is five years younger to her. This is the first time that Kareena did such hot scenes after marrying Saif Ali Khan. It looks like Kareena is trying to get her previous image back. Watch the trailer of Ki and Ka below:




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