09/11/15 7:28 AM

Kareena Kapoor Weds Arjun Kapoor?

Kareena-Kapoor (1)

We cannot predict what happens in the lives of film actors. Those who deny news about their relationships saying that it is just friendship later continue to have love affairs, make it upto wedding, some get married and some break up.. All this is common mostly in Bollywood and change every second. Bollywood circles say that actress Kareena Kapoor has also joined this list. Kareena’s secret wedding with Arjun Kapoor came as a shocker to all. It is known to everyone that she is married to actor Saif Ali Khan.


Kareena-Kapoor (1)


Kareena marrying Arjun has turned a hot topic not only in Bollywood but also on entire social media. Those who got to know the matter are sympathizing Saif. Kareena blew the matter away by saying that she married Arjun Kapoor and the second wedding is thrilling. ‘When a scene in a film demands us to get married, we have to. That is why I had to marry again’ said Kareena, clearing the biggest doubt that was on minds of fans.

Ki and Ka is an upcoming film directed by R. Balki in which Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor are the main cast. They had to get married for a scene in the film. The film’s unit funnily posted the matter on social media for publicity and the marriage game turned to be shocker.



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