06/1/15 7:37 AM

KCR Almost Made a Movie with Revanth Reddy!

Wide, extreme wide, top, medium close up, close up, extreme close up, top angle… Wondering what all these are? Camera angle. A director and cinematographer together check various angles to find which suits the shot better during a shoot. In a film produced by ACB with Revanth Reddy as lead actor, all the above mentioned angles had been used to shoot the film without missing a chance.





KCR’s government has produced the film under high budget to book its dearest enemy Revanth Reddy. They might have thought that bad audio and video recording would not be so supportive in the court. So, they perfectly filmed the scenes with good camera placement and very high quality lens. Cameras had been set everywhere in the den where Revanth had been trapped ie., in Stephen’s house to not miss a single chance. The number of cameras used by ACB in filming Revanth Reddy’s film had not been used in any other trap in Indian history. Will the case on Revanth Reddy continue? Will the court consider these video footages for proofs? If such questions are put aside for a while, the video will be useful to counter any allegations that this was all a scam.


Highlight: ACB did not directly release the video that was filmed with such high budget. It was leaked by someone to TV channels.


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