05/1/15 5:58 AM

KCR & CBN’s Successors Plan U.S Tour


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Chandrababu Naidu’s son Nara Lokesh and KCR’s son KTR are going on a tour to the U.S, not combinedly but separately. KTR is going to visit America officially as Telangana state’s Minister. But as Lokesh has no such power for now, he is planning to tour as Chandrababu’s son. Lokesh will start touring in the country from 3rd may while KTR will start on 5th may. Lokesh has planned his tour for 9 days and KTR for 14 days. Both their objectives are the same; fetching investors for respective states. Lokesh whose tour has been fully scheduled is saying that he they could get about 1500 crore investments for AP. Lokesh will reportedly have a meeting with Barack Obama. Being a CM’s son, meeting Obama would do nothing good but make posts on facebook. Even that has craze. With the help of a few students who pursued education in the same college as Lokesh’s ie., Stanford University, Lokesh was able to schedule meetings with a few companies and venture capitalists like Vinod Kohsla. Lokesh will seek the help of Andhra NRIs in developing smart villages in A.P. KTR on the other hand will take part in dinner with ambassador Arun K Singh. He will meet some industrialists and illustrate the scope of investing in Telangana. Let us hope that the tours to be carried out by the two young leaders for development of the two telugu states will be a success. Wishing them a safe and fruitful trip.

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