07/31/15 6:13 AM

KCR Didn’t Attend Kalam’s Funeral; Is Owaisi the Reason?


Telangana CM KCR immediately reacted to the death of former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam and announced a holiday on the day following Kalam’s death. He recollected the affection that Kalam had with Hyderabad. But change is observed in KCR’s reaction within two days after the demise of Kalam. Kalam’s funeral was attended by PM Narendra Modi, various central ministers and Chief Ministers of various states; except KCR. He did not even send any other minister on behalf of him to Kalam’s funeral. If his thought was that going all the way to Rameswaram is difficult and there will be no flights, he could have offered tributes to Abdul Kalam in capital state Delhi. But KCR did not. But TRS party MP Vinod mentioned that Kalam was supportive to Telangana as President and he also mentioned Telangana in parliament while delivering speech, he said after demise of the former president. Why did none of the ministers from Telangana offer tributes to Abdul Kalam? It is because of some political aspects, say some political circles.




KCR initially had the thought of pairing up with BJP in Greater elections and winning a central minister post for his party. That was why he praised Modi to the skies some days ago. But somehow, relations between TRS and BJP did not go very well. So, if TRS has to win Greater elections, it has to associate with MIM, which is agains Abdul Kalam. Leaders of MIM do not regard Kalam as a Muslim and that was the reason behind Owaisi not expressing condolences at all.  So, if KCR attends Abdul Kalam’s funeral, Owaisi might become furious at him. So, KCR who felt that it would be better for him if he does not attend the funeral remained calm.



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