07/30/15 8:20 AM

KCR Makes False Promise to Prathyusha

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Telangana CM KCR who was touched by the story of Prathyusha who was harassed by step mother and father visited her at hospital along with his family. KCR announced that he will lookafter Prathyusha by providing shelter, education and even getting her married later. He promised to take care of her like his own child after she gets discharged from hospital. He assured Prathyusha that he will lookafter her like his own daughter Kavita. Public were very happy on listening to such words from CM KCR.

Everything is fine. Police presented Prathyusha before magistrate after she was discharged and the justice ordered that the girl be shifted to KCR’ house. Police officers did the same. KCR and his wife who warmly welcomed the girl and asked her how-abouts. CM KCR, Deputy CM Kadiyam Sri Hari and Home Minister Nayini Narasimha Reddy had lunch along with her.


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Next comes the actual point. KCR ordered Ranga Reddy district collector and Cyberabad CP Anand to continuously monitor the education and other aspects after admitting Prathyusha to hostel. Announcing Rs. 5 lakh for her from CM Relief fund, KCR ordered that a bank account be opened in the girl’s name and money be deposited in it. KCR who then comforted Prathyusha told her that she can visit his house whenever she wants and gave her his phone number. Officials then took Prathyusha to hostel.

But, since KCR promised Prathyusha in hospital that he would take her home and treat her like his own daughter kavita, everyone thought that the CM would offer shelter to the girl in his own place. Nobody expected the CM to send her out after a meal. Are such intense dialogues and drama necessary for this? Many started criticizing him saying ‘Did he educate his daughter Kavita after admitting her to a hostel? Is this what is called adoption?’ KCR has once again proved that he is totally different.



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