03/18/16 11:40 AM

KCR ‘s Companion Buys TV9


TV9 is what comes to our mind when we think of news channel. ETV2 and TV9 started nearly at the same time and after that nearly 18 news channels came up. But TV9 has kept its own image in public. Srini Raju who successfully owned the channel for 12 years has now sold the news channel. KCR ‘s companion and My Homes Chairman Jupally Rameswara Rao will soon be announced as the owner of TV9.

This is not the first time that news about selling TV9 has been heard. Since nearly three or four years, the issue has been under discussion. Many have tried to own the channel. Deals were stopped in the last minute. Popular organizations like Times Group and PVP group have tried for TV9 but Rameswara Rao came into picture after he decided to invest as much as Rs.650 crores on the popular news channel. This is a very big deal that fetches huge profits to Srini Raju because when compared to the amount that he bought the channel with earlier and other investments he made, the present amount is ten times of it.

While Srini Raju is the investor on TV9, Ravi Prakash managed it. They started the channel in Telugu and grew as a vast network around the country under Ravi Prakash ‘s assistance. Srini Raju who is often behind the screen has provided enough freedom to his journalists unlike most other news channels and it yielded him a lot.


Both Srini Raju and Ravi Prakash belong to Andhra Pradesh. TV9 recovered from a tough situation after airing a comedy show on Telangana assembly. As a result, he appointed a Telangana journalist as the CEO and launched Jai Telangana Tv. But now, the management is changing. As a person belonging to Telangana is soon going to own TV9, two channels will be added to the list of Telugu channels under Telangana management.

The present discussion is on whether there will be a change in news due to change of management  because Srini Raju is not associated with any particular political party. Rameswara Rao is a companion of Telangana CM KCR. So, will the news be similar? Will there be changes? We have to wait and see..



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