06/3/15 6:04 AM

KCR & TRS is Afraid of my Husband: Revanth Reddy’s Wife



TDP leader Revanth Reddy’s wife said that KCR deliberately roped her husband in the case. She said that KCR has lot of grudge on Revanth Reddy, when she reacted for the first time about her husband’s arrest. Revanth Reddy’s wife Geetha spoke to female TDP leaders who visited her to console. Revanth Reddy and Geetha have anticipated that KCR in some way or the other will trouble them but they did not expect him to do it so soon and in this way. Geetha said that KCR developed grudge on Revanth Reddy as he intervened when KCR was giving away government lands to Rameswara Rao of My Homes. She fired at TRS saying that the entire party has targeted her husband in recent past and he fought single-handedly with them. Revanth Reddy’s wife said that one can learn how afraid TRS is of Revanth Reddy on seeing their celebrations at assembly following the TDP leader’s arrest. The TTDP leaders assured Geetha they are all in support of Revanth Reddy and he will soon be freed in the case.



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