05/30/15 7:21 AM

KCR Warns MLAs Over MLC Elections




Telangana CM KCR warned party MLAs over MLC election. He said that he will dissolve the assembly and go for mid-term election in case he finds any MLAs guilty. He said that he will be able to make TRS win with high majority through mid-term poll again, in case he dissolves the assembly. He said that they nominated the fifth candidate in MLC election with confidence of winning and that it is possible when MLAs exercise the rules and regulations framed by party authorities. He cautioned them that he will not bear any wrongful actions by the MLAs.Polling for Legislative Council in MLA’s quota is going to be held on 1st june. On the very same day KCR’s TRS government would be completing one year in power. KCR made these strict warnings when he spoke at the Telangana Bhavanin a meeting regarding the one year period. TRS leaders mentioned that a mock poll will be organized in Telangana Bhavan on Saturday and Sunday to demonstrate the polling procedure to MLAs.


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