06/9/15 6:06 AM

KCR! Who are You to Threaten Me? Am I Your Servant?:Chandrababu

To the allegations against him in cash-for-vote issue,Chandrababu gave strong answers at the Maha Sankalpa Sabha. He condemned those words and said that he is an honest human but the TRS and YCP parties are together trying to falsely trap him in some way or the other. The CM said that all these days he worked with honesty and loyalty for the welfare of his people. “Intolerant to the development taking place in Navya Andhra Pradesh, incompetent KCR is trying to trouble me”, he said fiercely. He asked people who attended the sabha whether what he said is right or wrong.




Later Chandrababu addressing the crowd said “Hyderabad is the united capital for 10 years. ‘Be careful KCR! I have equal rights as you do on the capital city. Initiating sting operations and tapping phones just because you have power is very disgraceful. Governments have collapsed due to tapping of phones. I am not just an ordinary person today, I am the CM of Andhra Pradesh’. I am the person who armors your pride. ‘KCR, who has given you the authority to tap my phone? Am I a servant of KCR in Telangana? Mine is one government and yours’ is another. Hyderabad is the united capital of both the states. Law and order lies in the hands of Governor. If your ACB is in Hyderabad, mine is also in Hyderabad. If you have your policemen, we also have our own policemen. You can never threaten me by tapping my phone and creating fake records(referring to KCR). You secretly took our MLAs to farm house and sent them back with police protection. Didn’t you feel ashamed of it? You invited TDP MLA Srinivas Yadav into TRS and offered him ministry. Didn’t you remind yourself of limitations? Who is the person who thrived to make TDP MLAs join TRS in some possible way? MLA seat is not important to me. My first prefence is to policy. I bother much about honesty and ethics’. Whenever we put a question forward, the TRS functionaries are trying to threaten, warning of attacking us. We are not afraid of them. They are making moves to destruct the houses of Andhra people in Hyderabad. They are not even sparing the media that is coming forward to question them. I have the guts that NTR had. I am ever ready to sacrifice my life for my people”. Thus Chandrababu fired and countered KCR with his firm comments.



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