10/19/15 4:58 PM

Kejriwal: Juvenile Age in rape Cases Must be Made 15




AAP leader, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said that juvenile age in rape cases must be got down to 15. When Kejriwal spoke in a press meet held today in Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal said that a panel of ministers will be deployed to check the possibility of increasing punishment in rape cases of minors, which could either be life imprisonment or sentencing to death. Kejriwal made the comments addressing the rape cases of two minors aged two and a half-year and five-year-old. ‘Special prosecutors will be appointed to deal with rape cases. The panel headed by Manish Sisodia will submit reports within 15 days,’ he said. Kejriwal commented that he will not let Modi sleep peacefully if the same situation prevails.

The Chief Minister said, “Rapists know nothing will happen to them,” Kejriwal said. “I don’t think all the bad people live only in Delhi, and that people living in places like Kolkata, New York, London or Varanasi are saints. It is just that the fear of law is not there in Delhi. The government is prepared to allocate funds to increase the number of fast track courts. We will take help from the chief justice of Delhi. We will need to set up many more courts. We need to speed up the legal process… We have the political will. Whatever funds and staff are needed for this, we will provide”. As Kejriwal already asked earlier, he once again demanded that law and order in Delhi be put in hands of his government for atleast a year.



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