06/30/15 8:55 AM

Kejriwal’s Electricty Bill is Rs. 91,000 ONLY!



Once upon a time (before becoming CM), Aravind Kejriwal fired on Congress government regarding electricity charges. He also started a movement against increase in electricity charges. After setting up the AAP(common man’s party), and becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi, a common man will be stunned on seeing the electricity bill of Kejriwal’s residence. The bill for two months ie., april and may put together of Kejriwal’s civil lines residence amounted literally to Rs. 91,000! The matter came into light when an RTI (Right To Information) inquiry was filed by an advocate named Vivek Garag. Political parties started firing on Kejriwal after knowing the news. They commented that the electricity bill of residence of a person who won after speaking in favor of common man is very uncommon.



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