11/18/15 2:44 PM

Kiss of Love Organizers Arrested for Sex Racket

kiss of love sex racket

kiss of love sex racket


The true face of Kiss of Life Organizers has come into light. Kerala police have held them for alleged sex racket. Organizers Rahul Pasupalan, his wife Reshmi R Nair and 8 others have been arrested this morning. Case has been filed against them and investigation started.

Kiss of Love is a protest initiated by Rahul Pasupalan in 2014 against moral policing in Kerala. The Kiss of Love protest was sparked off in October 2014 when Downtown Cafe in Kozhikode was vandalized by a mob of attackers after they came to watch a couple hugging and kissing in the cafe. Rahul then alleged that people are being harassed in the name of moral policing and lovers are deprived of their rights. His protest attracted youth in large numbers and his Kiss of Love became very popular on social media. Thus his idea spread to metros. Kiss of Love encouraged kissing in public, which turned controversial. It is known that various wings like Vishva Hindu Parishad, Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal etc opposed Kiss of Love movement.



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