12/10/15 11:22 AM

Kona Venkat Teams up with Srinu Vaitla Again

Sreenu Vaitla is a talented director.Kona Venkat is a creative writer. No combination in Tollywood can match the success of this hit combination. Sreenu Vaitla and Kona Venkat teamed up and delivered many blockbusters in past. But creative differences that arouse between them have led to consequences where they parted ways. But finally teamed up once again for Bruce Lee The Fighter with the intervention of mega powerstar Ram Charan. But it looks like both of them did not work wholeheartedly for the film. As a result, Bruce Lee very badly failed at the box-office. Then Sreenu Vaitla and Kona Venkat accused each other for the flop of the film. This is not a good sign from them both to themselves and to the Telugu film industry. Here is a latest update on their relationship terms at present.
Kona has finally decided to put an end to the controversy. In a recent media interaction, he shared the news that he is teaming up with director Sreenu Vaitla again. Kona did not reveal the complete details but hinted that it will happen for sure. He said that there will be no wonder if both of them work together sometime in future and give interviews together. Let us wait for the big announcement from both of them.

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