04/4/16 10:50 AM

Kona’s False Statements


Star Writer Kona Venkat has now propelled his very own production banner named KFC – Kona Film Corporation. Numerous allegations were leveled against him of replicating or taking scenes or stories from Hindi or Hollywood motion pictures. Keeping all this apart, he also often tries to fool the audiences big way. He cooks up one or the other story to bring the audiences to the theatres but in the end, all this becomes a false statement and audiences get cheated with a failure film. On this new production house, Kona Venkat is co-creating Tamannah’s “Abhinetri” in relationship with Prabhudeva. The motion picture is being made in three dialects however Kona Venkat is utilizing old traps of celebrating the film’s financial plan. He asserts that the motion picture is being made with Rs 70 Cr spending plan which could be completely false. In the past, he has given such statements in the case of Shankarabahranam and the film flopped big time at the box office and now the audiences have completely lost their interest with Kona and his words. Let us have to wait and see whether the film Abhinethri lives up to the expectations or not.

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