11/3/15 4:35 PM

Kondavalasa’s Death-Is that Film the Reason?




Deaths of some tollywood actors have caused irreparable loss to telugu film industry. Even before the blues could fade away, the sudden demise of comedian Kondavalasa has filled in much more sorrow. Kondavalasa who was a drama artist before entering film industry performed in over 1000 dramas. He became a star comedian overnight through Vamsi’s Avunu vaalliddaru Ishtapaddaru movie. News is being heard in film nagar that a film that Kondavalasa acted in has caused his death. Kabaddi Kabaddi is one of his well known films. It is said that the comedian’s health deteriorated after acting in this film. In the film Kabaddi Kabaddi is a scene in which Jayaprakash Reddy comes as a police inspector to arrest a gang of people gambling in a village. As per the scene, Kondavalsa is supposed to jump into a fish pond to escape from the inspector and he did. As per reports, chemical substances have been mixed in water the pond for fish and Kondavalasa had consumed some amont of water. Since then, the comedian had reportedly been suffering from various ailments, say his close sources. Because of a single scene, Kondavalasa had to get regular check-ups done, circling around hospitals, they say. Kondavalasa who had immense love for cinema allotted dates to many films even while suffering.

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