07/9/16 4:00 PM

Korada.com Special : Telugu Short Film On Corruption


Whenever we are involved in the discussions with friends or relatives, of various topics corruption is one which we discuss with them. India is still a developing country and we believe that Corruption is one thing that is preventing the country’s growth. We are not sure of Indian citizen’s life having a smooth run because we may have to bribe the government officers (NOT EVERYONE) for each and every small work. Korada.com has come up with this short film targeted on Corruption and Corrupted officers.

Te concept of THE UNSATISFIED short film was developed by Korada.com team basing on a phrase from the novel “Ramesham Revenue Udyogam.” Our major intention behind this short film is not to show ladies in poor light or in an objectionable manner. Our only intention was to bring a remarkable change in the corrupted officers. We will be more happy and satisfied if this short film brings change in at least a single officer. We raise the voice of common man with this short film.

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Jai Hind

Naresh Siramani


The Unsatisfied Short Film By Korada.com


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