03/14/16 10:47 AM

Kota Comments on Brahmanandam


We have been hearing lot of reports about the senior comedian Brahmanandam for improper selection of roles for which he has been facing criticism. Many people in telugu film industry also feel the same but none is actually ready to admit it openly. Now, a Senior actor finally expressed the genuine fact and opinion of public on Brahmanandam. In an interview to a leading Newspaper, Kota Srinivas Rao made controversial remarks on Brahmanandam ‘s career. “What I am saying now may offend Brahmanandam. He has played the same role in all his films over the last six years. He is an excellent artist. But directors are killing him with routine roles. In all the films of late, everyone is kicking him and making people laugh. Is this comedy?”, asked Kota. There is truth behind his statements. However, Brahmi is not ready to admit it. Atleast now, he must realize and start accepting interesting roles for his next films.

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