11/13/15 11:03 AM

Krishnam Raju Denies Rumors on Prabhas Wedding

prabhas pelli

prabhas pelli


There are rumors circulating on social media that young rebel star Prabhas is going to marry a girl from Bhimavaram. It is said that the girl is a family friend of the actor and both their families have been busy making arrangements for the wedding. The rumors angered Prabhas’s uncle, actor Krishnam Raju. As soon as he came to know about the false news, Krishnam Raju denied about Prabhas’s wedding and expressed displeasure on people who posted the baseless news. Gossip mongers have also been circulating a picture of a girl saying that she is Prabhas’s fiancée. As per a story published in a leading news daily, Krishnam Raju condemned the news and asked fans to take care of it. Also the actor added that marriage plan of Prabhas is on cards but he said that he will announce it first to the media after details about Prabhas’s wedding are confirmed. Prabhas is presently getting ready to take part in shoot for Baahubali part-2 that is supposed to begin next month.



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