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Krishnashtami Movie Review | Sunil | Nikki Galrani


Krishnashtami movie starring Sunil in lead role, directed by Vasu Varma and produced by Dil Raju hit the screens today. Let us check the review of the film.


A child named Krishna happens to see a murder. SP arrests the factionist based on his witness. Unable to digest it, the factionist suffers cardiac arrest. He asks his sons to kill the boy and the SP and dies. The sons kill the SP. Krishna’s (Sunil) uncle sends him abroad to save his life and brings him up there for 18 years without coming to India. Krishna finally starts to India without informing family members. As weather does not support, flight halts in Europe for three days. In that place he falls in love with Pallavi (Nikki Galrani). He becomes familiar with Anil (Ajay) who marries his love against his parents’ will. When Anil ‘s son is born, his wife looses life. While Krishna and Anil are on their way to Anil ‘s in-laws’ place, their car meets with an accident and Anil goes into coma. Krishna takes Anil ‘s son to his in-laws’ place. Due to unexpected consequences, Krishna has to act as Anil. How Anil ‘s in-laws react upon knowing that Krishna is not their son-in-law, What antagonists do to Krishna and how Krishna saves himself from factionists makes the remaining part of the story.


Krishnashtami is the result of two years of hard work of director Vasu Varma. We do not understand why it took that long to simply mix several stories and direct a routine story. The film has story, sub stories, comedy, songs, fights, beautiful locations and huge costing. Since Sunil is a good dancer, they put up 6 songs in Krishnashtami. Fights are necessary to display heroism. Comedians like Prudhvi, Posani, Sapatagiri and Brahmanandam should be part of the film. On the whole, if there are 60 scenes in the film, 6 scenes are enjoyable. Nikki ‘s Pallavism, a copy of Banthi (ball) concept of Kajal in Baadshah annoys audiences. Out of the 6 songs, 2 are fine. Cinematography is good. Editing is very bad. There are no scenes to be enhanced in re-recording.


Sunil worked hard. Of the two heroines, Dimple Chopade is hot in romantic scenes. Main heroine Nikki Galrani was is not bad. Saptagiri and Posani entertain to some extent and Brahmanandam routine, as usual. The roles of Prudhvi, Viva Harsha, Ajay and Mukhesh Rishi have not much scope for action. The entire film lies on the shoulders of Sunil. He worked hard but there is no charm in the face. There is not much scope for acting. He imitates Chiranjeevi in most scenes. Dance is fine.


If one adores Sunil, Krishnashtami is a one-time watch movie.

RATING – 2.25/5.0



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